Equine Short & Advanced Courses

Welcome to our Equine Short & Advanced courses, designed with the horse owner in mind, although you don't have to own a horse to study with us.  Equine Short courses are a great starting point for those wishing to study from home in a flexible way and take control of their study time and submission date.  All these courses end when you submit your course assignment so you can take as long as you wish to complete them.
The courses are provided as downloadable PDF files that you can download onto any device to study from. We can also provide a paper-based copy for an additional fee if required.

Our Advanced courses are more in-depth and are for those looking to further develop their knowledge and expertise.  By their nature, these will require more time and dedication, but again, retain open submission dates.

We now provide the option to purchase a course without tutor assessment and certification, as some students want to study the materials without the need for a formal assessment.  If you do wish to purchase just the course materials, you will receive a 40% discount off the published price.  Please contact us for a discount code.