Becoming a student


A Quality Provision...

  • We provide every student with high quality, up-to-date, fully illustrated learning materials that are produced by experienced professionals and employers within the equine industry. All the information you require to study and complete the course assignments is provided in comprehensive, illustrated work packs. You also have access to highly qualified experienced equine tutors who support your studies.
  • Excellent tutorial support is available to help you through your course, providing guidance and advice from a specialist equine tutor on studying, writing assessments and study preparation.
  • Every assignment you produce is marked by experienced qualified tutors and returned within 8 weeks with detailed written feedback from the tutor.
  • The assignments are checked by an internal assessor and a BTEC external verifier also makes regular visits to our centre to sample the assessments, checking for the quality of the feedback we provide. This ensures you receive the highest standard of assessment and feedback and can progress with confidence through the programme.
What You Will Receive as a Student:
  • The course work pack - these are equivalent to the notes and handouts you would receive if attending lectures. They are written in a clear manner and include summary sections, self-assessment questions, diagrams, pictures and illustrations. This can also be provided in printed format if preferred.
  • A study guide - this is packed with invaluable techniques to assist you in getting the most from your study time.
  • A study questionnaire - to enable you to provide feedback on your experience of studying your course.
  • Tutor marked assignment briefs - providing detailed information about what is required for each assignment, where you can find the information, how you can relate the theory you have studied to your answer and how they are marked.
  • Access to Horses & Courses Student Services - a support system to help with any general queries you may have about being a student, career advice and study advice.
  • Access to the Student Area of the Website - to allow you to access additional study materials, contact other students and tutors. The site also offers the option for on-line tutorial services and discussions with other students studying your course.
  • Certification - upon successful completion of your chosen course you will be awarded either a Horses & Courses Diploma or BTEC Certificate depending on the course achieved.
  • UK postage and packing for workpacks / CDs.


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